canvas and cupcakes

We offer an awesome paint-along class for our younger Picassos ages 6-13. Typically held once a month, Canvas and Cupcakes lets kiddos paint their very own masterpiece while enjoying provided snacks and drinks.

All this fun is only $30 a painter.

Canvas and Cupcakes is a delightful way to celebrate a kid’s birthday!  We provide cupcakes, drinks, plates, napkins and balloons. Everyone goes home with their own masterpiece and you don’t have to lift a finger.

We have three party options to choose from. Each includes set up, paint, brushes, canvases and (best of all) clean up!

1. I like big art and I cannot lie

This party really lets you create a painting that has it all. The host (that’s you, yay!) will choose from any of our awesome designs or come up with one of their own. The guests will create their one-of-a-kind art explosion on a 16×20 canvas. That’s some serious art!
$300 (Up to 10 guests) + $20 for each additional guest

2. The Picasso Party

This fun party lets your creativity soar as you paint your masterpiece on an 11×14 canvas. The host gets to pick from our limitless ideas and our artists will lead you on a step-by-step adventure.
$275 (Up to 10 guests) + $15 for each additional guest

3. The Tiny Canvas Party – Because we love small things

Create an awesome 8×10 canvas and have a ball as our artists guide you toward a finished work of art!
$250 (Up to 10 guests) +$ 10 for each additional guest

Pick a date and give us a call to plan your experience!