About Slant


Studio Slant is an Art Gallery and Handmade Boutique located smack dab in the middle of Owensboro, Kentucky, at 624 Emory Drive. We’re open Monday – Saturday from 10 to 5:30.

Studio Slant was started by sisters Christy Taylor Chaney and Katherine Taylor. Both Christy and Katherine graduated college with art degrees, Christy in painting and Katherine in fiber. With not a lot of art outlets in Owensboro they jumped on the opportunity to bring the handmade movement to their town.  During their first year things were excellent but they felt Owensboro needed more ART! On a whim they said “Hey lets start an art festival, no biggie!” and with that The East Bridge Art & Music Festival was born.

Now with Studio Slant and East Bridge in year five the sisters are happier than ever! The Sisters of Slant’s purpose is to combat the “oatmealization” of the world, the handmade movement is growing strongly and they love being a part of it, you should too!

Celebrate Art, Celebrate Humanity!